Friday, April 18, 2014

Doing WIP Research Doesn't End

While editing, I noticed I had mentioned an organization in 'The Bones Beneath' in passing.

Photo by: Lance Cpl. Sarah M. Hickey
Public Domain: U. S. Marines
It was rather insignificant in the story- one sentence. An informative character was telling Randy, my main character (MC), about what had happened to her father. She mentioned the Purple Heart Foundation.

I almost dismissed it, as I was just doing a line edit, not a content edit. My back needed a break from being bent over the pages working my little red pen, so I opened up the laptop.

Yes, it was an excuse to go online, which always leads to another round of Pet Rescue on Facebook, but it turned out to be an important move.

I typed "Purple Heart Foundation" in Google. Apparently, that organization exists. I thought I had researched everything; cities, people's names, and organizations, but I did not remember that I let my mind run free whilst writing. That usually allows the characters to do what they want and lets the story flow better.

Had I known the mysterious girl with the burnt hand would spout off about some organization I didn't know actually existed, I probably would have reined her crazy ass in a little bit more.

So, to save myself from any future issues, I changed it to the 'Purple Heart Association' because that doesn't exist.

I also played my five rounds of Pet Rescue when I was done. ;)

My advice, fellow writers and those who stopped by, is do research on everything in your novel. Look up anything that could be real and ensure you're allowed to use that information in your book. You never know, you might write a best or moderate seller and get into trouble. Ask permission to use a name if you feel the need to use it, such as Meadowlands Race Track in New Jersey. Oops, still need to write them. :)

Remember, be creative.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Writer's Digest Tutorials

I paid $25 for free run on all the tutorials Writer's Digest has in it's archives.

It was well worth it. I am actually purchasing a year's subscription because in the 30 days that I had my subscription, new tutorials were added that were incredibly useful.

The tutorial that was added today,  "How to Build an Author Platform that Attracts Agents’ Attention" is an important part of self-published authors' work.

These are tutorials created by people in the business. The one mentioned above was taught by Gordon Warnock co-founded Foreword Literary. Regina Brooks, the founder and president of Serendipity Literary Agency LLC, taught 'Writing Great Books for Young Adults'. Famous story editor Charlotte Cook taught 'Building Your Story Arc: Discovering the Bones of Your Story'. Author and creator of, Larry Brooks, taught 'Writing a Story Ending that Leaves a Lasting Impression'. All of which, I found undeniably useful.

Do I recommend this? Oh, yes, absolutely and forever. Am I getting paid to write this? No, not at all. I don't even think they know I enjoyed myself. :)

I do suggest you check it out, even if you don't subscribe. You might find something you've been thinking about.

Click the following link to get to Writer's Digest's Tutorials Page.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Getting Back in the Saddle

Thank God for Spring. I was given the gift of being at home again. Thanks to my wonderfully supportive Mister.

So, at home... working, right?

Right. Working on my Candy Crush, Pet Rescue Saga and Bingo Blitz games!


Also working on The Bones Beneath... making progress, getting ducks in a row, the usual for a writer.

The creative juices have been flowing and I've been setting up some education articles also. Whilst working on said book and articles, a line would not stop popping into my head.

It was so adamant about getting on a page somewhere that it interrupted my writing of an article about summer camp. (In case you want to read the article, Follow the little blue words.)

The line was "I keep getting lost in the land of, where were you when I died." Odd... I know, but here's where it took me.

(I also posted it on my Facebook Fan Page)

unnamed poem

I keep getting lost
Keep getting lost in the land of
Where were you when I died

I can’t blame you
Can’t blame you anymore for
Challenging my pride.

The tingling pull
Tingling pull bringing tears in
The corners of my eyes

As the darkness steals
Darkness steals the air from
My insecure, unholy cries.

You've left me alone
Left me alone, shallow and drained, without
Benefit of breath.

The warm flow
Warm flow abandoning into
The small tepid sea.

I've finally seen
Finally seen the end of


I've never actually done a poem with structure before. Each stanza has three lines. The pattern is ABC DEC or so I think if I remember poetry classes from high school. If I'm wrong, please let me know.

I also made each second line end in a proposition. Because, propositions at the end of sentences bother me. :) 

Comments. Questions. Please. :)
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